Meg's Tale

An amused writer with an interesting tale.


To create unique and colorful worlds for todays young sci-fi/fantasy readers while creating reality when it is called upon.

Highlights of Qualifications

  • An experienced poet and writer previously published work with Anothology of Poetry by Young Americans in2003.
  • A good storyteller with a love for the magic and creation of fantasy and science fiction.
  • A research expert not only on market trends, but research necessary for background and detail.


  • The Poem in Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans, 2003

Published Work

February 2013
Life is a Mysterious Thing
It is a collection of poetry.

 May 2013
Take Me Away
Take Me Away is fill with adventure and love. Journey with author through these stories.

May 2013
Healing Hearts
Historian, Gabriella embarks on a journey to England where she discovers a forgotten past. As her path crosses Michael's, their adventures put them on the path back to God.

August 2013
Passing Through
When worlds start to disappear, four children are thrown together. They must embark on a journey across the vast universe in search of answers to their questions and solutions to the problems they encounter. They find that in order to find the answers they seek so desperately, they must stop the worlds from disappearing, find missing Deities, and find the creator of the vast universe in which they travel. As they are strung along by many parties and infinite mysteries, they are put through hardships of parting from their only surviving family and learning to trust one another. Can they get their act together and be battle ready before they meet the creator? Or will they succumb to the pressure of the mysteries that trail?


I have more education than work experience in the freelance writing world at the moment, but I am currently working towards changing that.

I've graduated high school at Comstock Park High school and have attended Kent Career Technical Center for a year for a program in computers.

I have attended Penn Foster Career School and have obtained a degree in freelance writing.